What you need to know about BBNcoin Pool

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BBNcoin pool
This pool gives members the chance to create any Sport of their choice (like football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, etc.) and promote the sport by advertising them plus daily pools prizes to be won
How does it work?
There are 2 Categories of members;
Pool Creator
These are the originators of the pools, for you to be in this category, you must have up to a minimum of 100 BBNcoin in your wallet to create a pool. Once you have this, you can create a pool and advertise it, so that members can come in and predict. And at the end of each pool, the coin generated will be distributed among the winning members.
For you to be here, you must have an equivalent of the created pool amount in BBNcoin. Once a pool is created, you can predict the winner of the pool. If at the end of the game your prediction was correct, then you will be among those that will benefit from the accumulated BBNcoin of all predictors for that pool.
For more details, visit https://bbncoin.net/bbncoin-pool/

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