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  • In your Boonbuy account, click on “wallet” located on your menu list.

  • In your wallet, click on “transfer” this action will take you to the Bbncoin transfer page.

  • Fill in  the form. In the username/wallet ID area, paste your deposit  address from the Bbn Coin wallet in the exchange.

How to locate your BBNcoin Deposit address in

  • Click on “manage wallet” this can be found on the left pane of your exchange page.

  • Locate and click on deposit under BBN, read the IMPORTANT NOTICE and click on show me the deposit address. Below is a screenshot of what it looks like;

Right above, you can see a circled “deposit address” copy this ID to your Boonbuy transfer page and paste it in the space for username/wallet id.

indicate your desired amount and input your 4 digit PIN and confirm.

Note : it may take up to an hour for your coin to arrive in your wallet.Just be patient. will send you an email when your deposit is confirmed.

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