How BBNCoin works with REALESTATE

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BBNCOIN will serve as a token of surety, particularly in instances where paper receipts are not considered enough.

Real Estate Company will give their customers BBNcoin in the place of the land while they complete their payment. Real Estate Company will need to buy BBNcoin from the Marketplace for the first time. Subsequently, you (real estate company)will be able to buy from E-currency Exchangers.

Real Estate Company can also trade the BBNcoin to make more profit.

Real Estate Customer will have alternative option either to continue paying for the land or to convert their BBNcoin for cash.

BBNcoin serves as an intermediary between the two parties, i.e. Realtor and Customer. It also serves as an asset. As a Real Estate Customer, you can buy land from a Real Estate Company with cash and subsequently BBNcoin. Using BBNcoin offers you a viable alternative because it serves as part payment as well as part value. As a means of part-payment, BBNcoin in your hands provides a more tangible form of acknowledgement. While it can appreciates over time as part-value,this way, you can buy land with less BBNcoin in the end.

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