Pool is a popular game that is played all over the world by millions of people. However, there are many different varieties of the game.

This pool gives members the chance to create any Sport of their choice (like football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, etc.) and promote the sport by advertising them plus daily pools prizes to be won

How does it work?

There are 2 Categories of members;

Pool Creator

These are the originators of the pools, for you to be in this category, you must have up to a minimum of 100 BBNcoin in your wallet to create a pool. Once you have this, you can create a pool and advertise it, so that members can come in and predict. And at the end of each pool, the coin generated will be distributed among the winning members.


For you to be here, you must have an equivalent of the created pool amount in BBNcoin. Once a pool is created, you can predict the winner of the pool. If at the end of the game your prediction was correct, then you will be among those that will benefit from the accumulated BBNcoin of all predictors for that pool.


What is BBN Pool?

BBNcoin Pool is a wagering system, where members get daily rewards by predicting the outcomes of games.

How can I participate?

You can participate as a creator or joiner of a Pool.

How can I create a Pool?

You can create a Pool by Logging into your BBNcoin account, go to the Menu and click on “Pool” Then select “Create Pool.” Fill the Pool details and wait for admin’s approval.

How can I join a Pool?

Go to pool.bbncoin.net, click on “Join Pool” from any ongoing Pool. Make your selection and click on submit.

How long does it take for a Pool to be approved?

15-30 minutes

Why is my Pool not approved?

During moderation, if the admin discovers your entry does not exist, it will not be approved. Also if you input the wrong image, date or inaccurate Pool details, it will not be approved.

How can I promote a Pool?

After creating a Pool, use the share button to promote your Pool on social media or any other platform.

As a Pool creator, how much is my share?

0.1% of the total Pooled funds

If I win a Pool, how much is my share?

Every winner gets equal share from the total losers’ funds.

How many people can join a Pool?


Can I create multiple Pools?


How many Pools can I create a day?


Can I join multiple Pools?


Do I need to register to join a Pool?

Yes. Go to https://members.bbncoin.net/register

Who approves the Pool results?

The admin

When does a Pool end?

The Pool ends when the Pool creator says so.

How do I collect my share?

After the Pool time elapses, the admin will confirm the results after which the funds will be shared to all the winners equally.

Where will I find the results of the Pool?

When you log into your account, on the menu click-on “Pool” select “My Pools.” You can view all details about the Pools, including the results of all the Pools you have joined.

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